Richard Samuel Baldock (1899-1944)

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Photo of R S Baldock
Portrait of R S Baldock
Photograph (undated) Portrait by Keith Baldock

Medals Awarded

Silver minesweeping badge
War Medal 1939-1945
1939-1945 Star
Atlantic Star
Silver A/S M/S Badge
Awarded 25/01/1941
War Medal
1939-1945 Star Atlantic Star

Service Record

Pembroke X [note 1]Stoker HO09/03/194009/03/1940
Pembroke X [note 1]Engineman HO10/03/194029/03/1940
Beaver (Lord Irwin) [note 2]Engineman HO30/03/194018/06/1940
Boscawen (Lord Irwin) [note 5]Engineman HO19/06/194009/08/1940
Boscawen (Lord Irwin) [note 5]Leading Stoker HO10/08/194009/08/1940 (sic)
Europa [note 1]Leading Stoker HO10/08/194016/09/1940
Caroline (Berkshire) [note 4]Leading Stoker HO17/09/194014/01/1941
Europa [note 1]Leading Stoker HO15/01/194106/03/1941
Wildfire (Fratton) [note 6]Leading Stoker HO07/03/194109/08/1941
Wildfire (Fratton) [note 6]Wartime Engineman10/08/194114/09/1941
Europa [note 1]Wartime Engineman15/09/194101/11/1941
Colonsay (D.W. Fitzgerald) [note 3]Wartime Engineman02/11/194129/11/1943
Beaver [note 2]Wartime Engineman30/11/194318/01/1944
Colonsay (Cap d'Antifer) [note 3]Wartime Engineman19/01/194413/02/1944

Note 1: Pembroke X and Europa = base at Lowestoft
Note 2: Beaver = base at Grimsby
Note 3: Colonsay = Minesweeping base, Grimsby
Note 4: Caroline = RN base, Belfast
Note 5: Boscawen = Portland Naval Depot
Note 6: Wildfire = base at Sheerness

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