Badge of Honour

Early issue badge
Later issue badge
Early Issue Later Issue

The above silver badge was awarded exclusively to the minesweeping and anti-submarine crews of the Royal Naval Patrol Service. Both officers and ratings were awarded the badge automatically after six months at sea (or earlier in certain circumstances).

The design, by George Kruger Gray, includes a shield with a fishing net background fronted by its deadly wartime catch of two mines (representing the minesweeping element of their work) and a speared shark (representing the anti-submarine element).

The scroll below the shield bears the letters “M/S” and “A/S”, again standing for “Minesweeping” and “Anti-submarine”.

The border contains knots to the right and left. The particular knot featured is known as a Fisherman’s Bend, used for splicing together two lines.

The shield is topped by the traditional naval crown of alternate sterns and topsails.

The badge, measuring 29mm (1 1/8in) by 23mm (3/4in), was worn on the left sleeve: the first issue (left-hand image above) was attached by a pin on the reverse but, for the later issue (right-hand image above), the pin was replaced by four small eyes, allowing it to be sewn to clothing — officially for improved security, unofficially to dissuade the wearer from giving it away to his sweetheart!

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