Translation of Extracts from E-Boat Fleet Operational Logs for February 12-15, 1944

During the night of February 12/13 the 2nd E-boat Fleet (Commander Feldt) comprising S 62, S 98, S 80, S 92, S 86, S 67 and S 83 undertook mine-laying operations south-east of Grimsby (26 LMB mines) and the 8th E-boat Fleet (Commander Zymalkowski) comprising S 64, S 65, S 68, S 85, S 93, S 99, S 127, S 129 and S 133 did the same south-east of the mouth of the Humber (36 LMB mines). S 99 and S 65 sank the British trawler Cap d’Antifer. On the night of February 13/14 both fleets continued their mining operations east of Great Yarmouth. The 2nd E-boat Fleet (same configuration as before) discontinued its operations prematurely. The 8th E-boat Fleet formed a barrier with the mining-laying boats S 85, S 64 and S 65 while the combat group, comprising S 99, S 93, S 127, S 129 und S 133 provided protection. During the night of 14/15 the 2nd E-boat Fleet (S 89, S 98, S 92, S 80 and S 67) laid 21 LMB mines south-east of Great Yarmouth. While retreating the boats were pursued by the British corvettes Mallard and Shearwater. Offensive actions of the British MTB 439, MTB 441, MTB 443, MTB 444 and MTB 455 were spotted by German aerial reconnaissance so that the retreating 2nd E-boat Fleet and the freed-up 8th E-boat Fleet, comprising S 93, S 64, S 117, S 127, S 129, S 85, S 133, S 99 and S 65, were able to be deployed against them. In a battle with three boats of the German 34th mine-sweeping fleet the MTB 455 and MTB 444 were hit. The German M 3411 sank while taking evasive action following a collision. In subsequent engagements the other British MTBs were hit as well as the S 89 and S 133.

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